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2005 Survey

Help us to develop the via ferrata, we need your answer. Furthermore, we publish the results on this web site. 

ViaFerrata.Org respects your anonymity. We do not give any personal information to a third party.

Thank you very much for your participation

La Rédac

How many ferrata have you ever climb in your life?
1-3      between 4-10     more than 11

Do you also rock climb?
No, only  Ferrata  Only rock climbing    Both of them 

How do you describe your involvement in the via ferrata (1answer possible)

When you are climbing, how are you secured by the cable?
Always at 100%, at least one of my belay is on the cable
    Sometimes, I am not secured by the cable, especially when I change the belay to a new part
    I do care, only when it is hazardous. Otherwise, I am not secured by my gears

Do you always wear your helmet?   Always It depends of the ferrata

Do you sometimes have the need to be secured by a rope?  
      Never      From time to time           Always

Have you ever had or was a witness of an accident?
    Yes, something very bad       Yes, but minor (cut, small fall)    Never

                                          If yes, could you describe it:  

7. How did you climb your first ever ferrata? With:
   a Guide    a friend   Alone   a sport club  other

Do you own your gear?
    Yes           No, I rent it      No, I borrow it

Is your gear specific to the via ferrata?
        Yes          No

If yes, when did you bought it?

How do you rate the following assertions?

1=few, never, false

1 2 3 4 5   5=always, often,
Trust the Brand, I only trust and buy Brand name
The Price influences my choice. I do not purchase cheap mountain gears
I only trust the advice of a specialist such as a shop 
The design, color, comfort, easy to maintain and use are
are very important
If Via Ferrata. Org will sell ferrata gears, I will be interested in purchasing on line


What do you like the most in a ferrata: (several answers possible)

What parts of our site do your prefer (several answers possible)
News                   Ferrata  
Pictures Gallery    Classified Ads 
Chat Room           Live info (webcam, weather forecasts 
Easy to navigate   Links with other sites

In a ferrata, who do you go with? (several answers possible)
Alone   With Friends     With Family    With a Guide  With a Club

Are you a   Man Woman 

How old are you?   years old

Your country:     
If your country is not in the list write it here:  :

May we stay in touch with you? 



We respect your e-mail address and
don't share it with other web site

Thank you very much